• Revolutionizing pool safety and swim performance.

  • Real-time data meets the competitive swimmer

  • Swimming reimagined

What is nagi?

The newest innovation in aquatic safety and performance monitoring

nagi’s monitoring system and devices enable both safety and coaching personnel to use real time data to remain in constant contact with their swimmers, improve the safety profile of their facility, and monitor performance indicators that helps motivate and improve the overall swimming experience for all involved.

Nagi monitors swimmer performance

nagiGo was developed to capture and store key data and metrics for recreational swimmers throughout the competition. Offering unique experiences to your swimming enthusiasts by incorporating gamification, key real-time metrics and data to improve the competitive performance of swimmers and motivate the recreational aquatic athlete.

At the end of the session, thanks to nagiGo technology, all your data will be stored in your account or nagi App.


Track, improve, compete and have fun

nagiGo provides significant value to the pool facilities offering incredible swimming experiences to its guests, customers and students alike. Track, store and analyze historical data. Differentiate the experience you offer from competitive swimming by providing important performance metrics.

nagi technology tracks in real time:

Time spent in the pool

Average speed

Distance in meters

Number of laps

360,000 people die in swimming pools every year*

Nagi means swimmer safety

nagiGuard is an easy-to-use digital system that incorporates constant tracking, a smart watch and an alarm system to constantly connects swimmers with security personnel and lifeguards. Thanks to nagiGuard, the location of a swimmer in need,  is easily identify and responded by the digital monitoring activity, which adds an additional layer of safety and peace of mind for pool staff, parents and swimmers alike.


*SRC: Drowing Statistics



Where will you find nagi?


Swimming and health clubs

Public pools

Pools in hotels

Pools in colleges and universities

Olympic pools

Water parks

What do our customers say?

  • “With nagi, I’m never going to count my laps again. I swim with the maximum security and tranquility.”

  • “Congratulations on the product. It’s easy to use and above all comfortable when swimming.”

  • “I´m thrilled! I´ve been swimming my whole life and I always dreamed of something like this!”
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