Three municipal swimming pools in Oviedo will have the technological innovation of Nagi

The Asturian city will implement the technology in the coming weeks and improve the user experience and safety in its swimming pools

Paterna (Valencia), February 19, 2020. Oviedo City Council will become a pioneer in technological innovation after announcing the arrival of Nagi in three of its municipal swimming pools. The arrival of this innovative technology came after a public tender in the Lifeguard Service won by the Sports Education company of the Principality, which granted Nagi the installation of its technology.

The system will be installed in three swimming pools in the Asturian city and will take place over the next few weeks. With this progress, the Oviedo City Council joins a technological revolution that will lead to improving the experience of its users and increasing security in swimming pools. Of course, an innovative bet with a clear view of the future and progression.

The technology will be installed in three swimming pools that will have the advantages offered by the Nagi system. On the one hand, the two Municipal Pools of the Parque del Oeste and on the other, the “La Corredoria” Indoor Pool. In them, the two great products offered by the Spanish company and that allow substantial improvements in all pools will work.

Swim Smart that is designed and built to capture and store data and key metrics for recreational swimmers through competition and Swim Safe which is a product to prevent possible drowning. Through a warning, the lifeguard knows where the person who has been submerged in the water is and can act before the problem is much greater. These two advances have been installed in two very powerful gym chains such as GoFit or YMCA in the United States, but now, this city hall will be the first public entity to have these innovations.

Javier Bosch, CEO of Nagi, was delighted with the technological incorporation in these three pools: “Nagi intends to be a useful and habitual technology for the pools and to be able to incorporate our technology to these three facilities is a very big step forward for the extension of our device, ”he said.